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Which Character Should You Choose for Live A Live Final Chapter

It all comes down to this.
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So, you’ve cleared every single chapter in Live A Live, from Prehistory to the Distant Future. You’ve likely already realized the common thread between these stories, so it’s time to bring things to a climactic conclusion. Before that, though, you have a decision to make: which character should you choose for Live A Live’s Final Chapter?

Which Character Should You Choose for Live A Live Final Chapter

When you first enter Live A Live’s Final Chapter, The Dominion of Hate, you’ll be prompted to select one of the protagonists from the chapters you previously completed. They’re all here, carrying over their stats and equipment, and you’ll need to select one to be your lead protagonist for this final battle. Think long and hard about this, because whoever you choose will be locked into your party for the entire chapter.

Compared to the rest of the cast, each protagonist has upsides and downsides. You can round these out as you recruit the rest of the protagonists in the Final Chapter (and in fact, you’ll need to recruit all of them to get the best ending), but you’ll be stuck with them alone until you can round up the others.

Pogo (Prehistory)

Pogo is an absolute powerhouse, packing some of the highest raw offense and defense stats in the game. If you were thorough in your completion of his chapter, he’ll also bring some great items to the table like the Rock of Rocks. The only real downside to Pogo is his lack of support abilities.

Akira (The Near Future)

Akira is an excellent pick for a leader, as his wide array of psychic attacks allows him to target lots of different elemental weaknesses and inflict status ailments. He’s also got support abilities you can use in a pinch, making him a little more self-sustaining until better support comes along. However, his stats are a bit average, and most of his moves have long wind-ups, so he’s heavily reliant on a good party.

Earthen Heart Master (Imperial China)

The viability of the Master depends heavily on who you chose to take the role between Lei, Yun, and Hong. The best case scenario here is if you picked Lei, and trained her exclusively, as she’ll have naturally high stats, one of the best AOE moves in the game, and good flexibility for dealing with different enemy types. Hong and Yun are plenty strong as well, but Yun’s got low HP and Hong’s kit isn’t very diverse.

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Oboromaru (Feudal Japan)

Oboromaru is the special attack master, able to utilize most base elements in sweeping AOE attacks, as well as alter panels and inflict status effects. However, with his low defense and few physical options, Oboromaru is best treated as a spellcaster rather than a frontline fighter.

The Sundown Kid (Wild West)

As the only player character with a straight-up gun, Sundown unsurprisingly has the longest range out of everyone. His abilities are fairly good for crowd control, as many of them pierce and hit multiple times. However, his lack of both support and defensive options makes him a bit on the fragile side.

Masaru Takahara (Present Day)

Assuming you went out of your way to get every other fighter’s move in the Present Day, Masaru packs impressive physical attack diversity backed up by solid offensive stats. However, as Masaru never levels up in his chapter, he starts at level 2, which makes him a bit deficient in every other capacity without grinding.

Cube (The Distant Future)

What Cube lacks in the offensive department, he more than makes up for with support power. Cube is the unquestioned support king, packing long-reaching AOE healing skills, as well as enemy debuffs. Since he’s a robot, though, you’ll need to farm Robotic Components to level him up, which is a pain.

What About Oersted?

Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

You’ve likely noticed that, in addition to everyone else, Oersted is also selectable as your hero. This may seem odd as, given what we know by this point of the game, Oersted is definitely not a hero.

If you select Oersted, you won’t be joining the rest of the heroes as you normally would. Instead, Oersted has his own scenario where he commands the various chapter bosses in do-over battles against the heroes in an effort to doom the world. So if you feel like getting Live A Live’s worst ending, then you can pick Oersted. Otherwise, just leave him be.

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