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Which Body to Burn in The Mortuary Assistant

Burning the wrong body can have devastating effects.
Mortuary Assistant Tasks
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Part of what makes The Mortuary Assistant such a thrill is the pesky demons that make their way into cadavers, puppeteering them with possession. In order to beat The Mortuary Assitant though, you have to have successfully cleansed all of the right bodies of their demonic infestations. Burning the wrong ones can have serious consequences so it’s best to figure out which body is the right one to burn in order to save the souls of the dead from these demonic creatures. We’ll explain how to figure out how to identify which bodies are the right ones that you’ll want to burn in The Mortuary Assistant.

Which Body to Burn in The Mortuary Assistant

The Mortuary Assistant Bodies
Image via DarkStone Digital/DreadXP

Part of the standard of The Mortuary Assistance’s gameplay is the task you’ll need to be looking over each body as you complete the various in-game activities. You’ll need to look over each body for any kind of markings. If there are markings found this can indicate one of two things. You’re either dealing with the specific possessed body that you’ll need to burn or your demonic friend is playing a trick on you by throwing you off of their scent, making a different body show signs of possession.

Not only can marks tell whether a body is possessed, but you’ll also see subtle facial movements as time goes on. Over time, more and more markings will begin to show up on the possessed body, but it will take a bit for this to happen. It’s important to move quickly when trying to figure out which body is possessed as taking too long could result in a game over following your own possession.

Alternatively, burning the wrong body, especially without it even showing markings can result in your possession as well. So while you want to work actively, don’t act too quickly by burning an incorrect body. If you’re trying to get the bodies to act quicker in telling you if they’re possessed, use the matches and ashes from around the mortuary. They’ll get things moving along quickly for you, with new markings showing up at a quicker rate.

Once you think you’ve narrowed it down to a single suspected body, go ahead and figure out what demon you’re dealing with. To do this, simply pick up Lettering Strips and uncover the four sigils located throughout the facility. Your strips will begin to burn when near a sigil and totally go out once it’s found. After having uncovered all four sigils, you’ll be able to know which demon you’re going up against.

Take the sigils you’ve found and place them on the mark. Then take the mark and place it on the body. If you’ve chosen the right one, you will have successfully burned the possessed body!

That’s all you need to know about which body to burn in The Mortuary Assistant!

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