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How to Identify a Demon in The Mortuary Assistant

Identifying a Demon can be easy, you just need to know how to.
Mortuary Assistant Demon
Image via DarkStone Digital/DreadXP

The horror simulation game, Mortuary Assistant serves up a whole slew of scares for players to be treated to. Unlike other horror games, Mortuary Assistant actually puts you into the shoes of its title, a mortuary assistant. You’re tasked with taking care of bodies in a variety of ways such as embalming them, checking them for markings, and getting them ready for the afterlife.

That isn’t all though, as the game will at various points, introduce the player to dangerous Demons. It’s up to players to figure out which body has been possessed by the Demon and then burn the body to defeat them. Today, we’ll explain how to identify Demon in Mortuary Assistant.

How to Identify a Demon in The Mortuary Assistant

Mortuary Assistant Tasks
Image via DarkStone Digital/DreadXP

The one aspect that really plays a role in Mortuary Assistant’s Demon identifying is the game’s body inspections. You’ll always be looking over bodies for markings and such as you check specifics off of your to-do list. When it comes to identifying whether or not the body you’re working on is Demonically possessed in Mortuary Assistant, it isn’t just an easy open and closed case.

Something that Demons will do to bodies whether possessed or used as a decoy, will be to add new markings around the body or a change in the body’s facial expression. It’s important to keep your wits about you in times like this though as the Demons can try to throw you off of their scent by puppeteering an unpossessed body.

Something you can use to help you narrow your list down as to which body is currently possessed are the matches and ashes which you can pick up from around River Fields mortuary. Additionally, paper and notes can also be used to track your current possession level. These can be collected at the front desk. As markings become more common, these will definitely come in handy.

Once you’re seeing activity, then it’s time to figure out what kind of demon you’re dealing with. To do so, locate Lettering Strips. These are used to identify “sigils” throughout the mortuary. Just pull them from your inventory and walk around the facility. They’ll start burning as you’re getting close to a sigil. Once the Lettering Strips burn out, the sigil will be uncovered where you’re located.

In total, there are four sigils in total to uncover. Once all four have been found you’ll be able to piece together which Demon you’re dealing with based on what kind of sigils were given to you. If you’re ever feeling stuck, always turn to the Night Shift Database as this will have a lot of information on demonic possessions.

That’s how to identify a demon in Mortuary Assistant! Check the bodies for markings, and search for those sigils throughout the facility. Good luck on the Demon hunting!

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