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Where to Ollie the Magic Bums in Venice Beach on THPS

For one of the Venice Beach park goals, you will need to ollie over five Magic Bums. You’ll find them passed out drunk or sleeping all over the park. Finding them all in one run can be a challenge, though, so that’s why we made this guide. Here’s where to ollie the 5 Magic Bums in Venice Beach on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

Where to Ollie the Magic Bums in Venice Beach on THPS

When you spawn in, head straight across the area to the opening in the wall. You’ll see some big yellow graffiti that reads “FORT” by the entrance. In this area, you’ll find the first magic bum next to the dumpster. Do an ollie over him by pressing the A button to get credit.

Go back the way you came from, but hang a right. Head down the ramp, stairs, and handrail decline. There’s another magic bum lying at the bottom of the stairs. Ollie over him, and head back up towards the spawn area. 

Ollie up the set of stairs you spawn on at the beginning of the level and make a left. Continue down the sidewalk, and you’ll eventually come to the third magic bum lying next to a garbage can. Ollie over him and take a left down the small decline.

Take another into the nook with the Venice Beach streamer. You will find the fourth magic bum over there. Ollie over him and turn around to go back to the starting area.

On your way back, head towards the Monster Energy billboard in the distance. You can see the fifth and final magic bum on the park’s left side next to a garbage bin.

Here’s a video tutorial if you want to check it out:

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