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How to Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips in Philadelphia THPS

How to Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips in Philadelphia THPS

One of the Philadelphia challenges is to Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips. Gaining access to the skatepark is a bit of a secret, so we want to walk you through how to do it if you’re stuck. You may also be unsure of how to do lip tricks. Either way, we got you covered. Here’s how to Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips in Philadelphia in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

How to Liptrick 4 Skatepark Lips in Philadelphia THPS

To gain access to the skatepark for this challenge, you will need to grind the telephone pole’s powerline. When you spawn into the Philadelphia level, head to your left towards the large wooden ramps. Proceed in that direction towards the circular shaped building with the rails in front of it.

Head up the ramp as if you were going into the building. Hop the rail and grind the powerline connected to the telephone pole. Doing so will cause the construction gates to fall, granting you access to the hidden skatepark. This skatepark is where you can complete all 4 Liptricks. 

Start in the halfpipe, and do any Liptrick on the lip of the ramp. You will get credit for the Phillyside HP Lip. You can do this by holding up and grind when approaching the lip straight. Feel free to pull up the menu and going into the skater tab to view a full list of Liptricks.

Next, transition over the left side of the halfpipe to go into the other skatepark area. You’ll likely land on a ramp with “JUST” graffiti on it. Do another Liptrick on this Phillyside New Bowl Lip. 

Now you can look for the big ramp with the American Flag on it. Do a Liptrick on the lip to get credit for the Phillyside Big Bowl Lip. The final area is to the left of this one.

Finally, do a liptrick on the Phillyside Mid Bowl Lip, which is to the left of the American Flag bowl ramp. 

Watch the video below if you’re lost or prefer to follow along in that format:

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