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Where to find Toxel in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Here's where to look.
Screengrab by Gamer Journalist

Of Pokemon’s Generation VIII, some of the most stand-out Pokemon by far were the Baby Pokemon Toxel and the Punk Pokemon Toxtricity. These dual-type Electric/Poison Pokemon not only won our hearts with their kickass punk-rock appearance but also with their awesome looks! If getting this duo of ‘mons is on your list to catch ’em all, we got you covered. Within this guide, we have not only the best spots to catch the adorable Toxel, but a shortcut for those of you who are the very start of the game and want access to a powerful electric type right off the bat.

Where to Find Toxel

Toxel's Habitat Pokemon Scarlet Violet
Screengrab by Gamer Journalist

Nestled within South Provience’s Area Four, the small Toxel can be found aplenty. While not as high spawning as Maschiff or Deerling, there should not be any trouble of encountering a Toxel when going a casual run-through of the area. The Toxel here typically range roughly between the late teens and early twenties. Use a regular Pokeball, snag ’em, and fill out that Pokedex entry! Defeat a few more while you’re here, as Toxel Sparks are a great material used for TM crafting.

How to Get to Area Four

Once your character has access to your version’s legendary mount, Koraidon or Miraidon, you will be able to do a short bunny hop. That short bunny hop is all you need to get across a ledge directly due west from Los Platos (pictured above). This cliffside gives you direct access to southwestern Paldea. Right away you’ll notice a group of Pokemon you didn’t have access to in the Los Platos area, including Toxel! The jump is a little tricky to get just right, so expect to fall off the cliffside a few times while learning the ins and out of using your new Pokemon mount.

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Best of luck trainers on your journey to catch em’ all!

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