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Where to Find the Three Power Cells in Starfield – Return to Vectera Guide

I miss Vectera so much...

While things started really fast and a bit bumpy in your Starfield adventure, eventually, there are some loose ends left behind. That is why, after getting to know many new and extravagant characters, you will have to return to where all of this started. Continue reading to find out where to find the three Power Cells during the Return to Vectera quest in Starfield.

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Where to Find the Three Power Cells in Starfield

After completing the first two introductory missions with and meeting Constellation, you will receive a three-mission block. One of these missions, Return to Vectera, will have you return to, surprise, Vectera, the place where you started your adventure. You must locate Barrett, but things got a bit messy after your initial departure.

To do so, you will have to unveil an audio log from a computer that has no power. You will have to install three Power Cells in the Power Outlets next to the computer station. Three objectives pop out in your HUD, which are the Power Cells spread across the mining station. You can go after them or, if you have explored a bit and collected other Power Cells elsewhere, just install those in the Outlets.

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Return to Vectera: Power Cell Locations – Starfield

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  • The first Power Cell will be in possession of Lin. Talk to her and ask her for a Power Cell.
Starfield Robot Power Cell
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  • You can find the second Power Cell just next to where Lin is located. Search the robot and you will receive a Power Cell.
Starfield Medbench Power Cell
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  • The third Power Cell is at the Infirmary. Enter it and interact with the Medbench to receive the Power Cell.

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Note that these are the Power Cells the game points you to. If you look closely at your surroundings, you will see there are more Power Cells lying there for you to pick up in Vectera. Whichever you pick up will help you with your endeavor.

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