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Where to find the Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor in Lost Ark

Beauty is in the Eye Sensor of the Beholder.
Lost Ark
Image via Lost Ark website

In Lost Ark, one quest in-particular has been eating away at the community. This quest is none other than The Soul Left in X-301. In this quest, you’ll be tasked with retrieving another soul, but first … you’ll need to find a triad of elusive items. While the first two items may be easy-ish to obtain, the third will be a trial. Here’s how to find the Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor, the third item in The Soul Left in X-301.

Where to Find the Secret Base Guard’s Eye Sensor

It pains me to write this, but it’s not really as easy as ‘go to this place and you’ll find the item.’ As soon as you’ve found the other two items — the Steel Diver’s Arm Circuitry and the Steel Diver’s Joint Rivet — it’ll be time to switch gears for the third item, an eye sensor left behind by a secret base guard. But, the problem is that the secret base guard can spawn in three possible locations in Starlight Isle.

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It’s not an ideal solution, but you may want to travel to each location until you encounter the right guard. The locations are as follows, when glancing at the map:

  • Just left of center.
  • To the lower-right, near an alcove-like area.
  • To the lower-left, inside of a corridor-like area.

Upon finding them, eviscerate the mini-boss and you’ll obtain the holy grail — the Eye Sensor. From here, you’ll proceed to repair B-0031, which will open the second half of the mission: retrieving the soul, I-202.

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