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Where to Find the Life Orb in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet – Map and Locations

Everything comes at a price
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In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, there are many rare and hard to find items in the wilderness of Paldea. One of these items is the Life Orb. This rare item can only be found in two different spots in the entire Paldea region and has specifications for its appearance. The Life Orb is a battle item which can be given to a Pokémon in your active party to boost the Pokémon attacks. However, this comes at a price. For every attack that lands, the Pokémon loses a small amount of health in return. Here is where to find the Life Orb in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Where to Find the Life Orb in Scarlet and Violet

The first location of the Life Orb is inside the Mesagoza (central city of Paldea). Purchasable for 50,000 Pokémon Dollars in the Delibird Presents Shop, this item will set you back for its hefty price tag. The important note for players looking to buy the Orb is that it can only be purchased post-credits. Players must complete the three paths in Scarlet and Violet: Victory Road, Starfall Street and Path of Legends. Refer to the screenshot below for an exact location of the Mesagoza shop where you can purchase the Life Orb.

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Players can obtain the Life Orb for free at any point in the game by heading to the Casseroya Lake. Of course, we recommend this as the main means of obtaining the Life Orb. This Lake can be found in the north-west area of the Paldea region, to the left of Glaseado Mountain. The Life Orb is located on the edge of the left central island in the Casseroya Lake. Head to the edge of the Island, where players will find the Orb in front of a rock and small tree. Look out for the beam of light indicating there is an item below. This saves you 50,000 Pokémon Dollars.

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How to Swim in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

In order to get to this Orb, players must know how to swim with their legendary Pokémon. This is not an ability that you will have at the beginning of the game. Therefore, players must obtain the swimming ability by completing a Path of Legends quest. Here, players must defeat the Open Sky Titan who is the second Titan of the Path of Legends. The Open Sky Titan is a Level 19, meaning players can beat this relatively early in the game, getting the swimming ability which will allow you to grab the Life Orb in Casseroya Lake. There are no other ways to get to the Islands in the Lake, so players must beat this Titan to swim.

Swimming will not only help players find rare, one-of-a-kind items but will allow access to finding and capturing many Water-Type Pokémon in the surrounding seas of Paldea.

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