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Where to Find Silver Lizalfos in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Sometimes aesthetics matter more than practicality. Introducing the Scythe Armor Set that lets Link look like the Grim Reaper. Venture into the Hyrule Castle and take the Demon King whilst wielding a Scythe to really show him who’s boss. Because there is nothing more cool than having a Scythe as a weapon. Whether you are someone who wants to find all of the Armor Sets in Tears of the Kingdom or just want Link to look cool in this timeline, this is Vincent’s guide on where to find the Silver Lizalfos for the Scythe Armor in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to Spawn Silver Lizalfos in Tears of the Kingdom

Locating the Lizalfos can be tough seeing as you need to find specific variations determined primarily by their color. The Lizalfos allows you to obtain the Scythe Armor, which through defeating specific Lizalfos enemies, you will be able to craft/ update your Armor by utilizing the dropped items of the enemy such as their Horns. The enemies you are looking for are the Silver variation of Lizalfos, but how do these spawn? Whilst you may assume that you will need to defeat a large sum of Lizalfos such as standard, Blue or Blue, you do not have to hunt this species down to extinction in order to spawn in the Silver variant. Whilst this method does indeed work, there is a faster, more appropriate you may wish to use.

To spawn in Silver Lizalfos you will want to focus your attention towards any creature that is scaled higher and tougher to defeat such as Lynels. These allow you to level up your enemies in a way, giving Link increasingly harder battles to face as other higher tiered enemies level up alongside the species you have been regularly killing. Keep in mind that you will need to kill a lot of these species to increase the enemies’ toughness across Hyrule. You will notice that their scaling is determined by the color of their skin across these species, be that Lynels or Lizalfos. Refer to this as your progress as defeating many of these will naturally level up all creatures that have this scaling in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Whilst you can focus solely on Lizalfos, you may have better luck focussing on Lynels as these can be found throughout your playthrough in which you can farm them to increase the overall difficulty of the enemies in Hyrule. Eventually the Silver variation of Lizalfos will appear but you will not know until you find them in Hyrule.

Where to Find the Silver Lizalfos

Because Lizalfos do not spawn in abundance, you will not be able to farm these creatures as much as you would like. Each variant of Lizalfos spawns in at different paths on Hyrule, meaning the variations do not transform the specific Lizalfos already on the Map but rather new, tougher variations are added into the game as you progress your XP. You should head to the Rist Peninsula on the far-east side of Hyrule, overlooking the Sea. This area can be found on the south-east of the Akkala Region. On the Map, the Rist appears as a spiral in which you should head to the far east, following the sandy spiral pathway.

The Silver Lizalfos appears in the sky rather than on the ground like the other variations. This is because they are being carried by a winged creature that you will need to shoot down in order to take the Lizalfos on yourself. Upon defeating them you can pick up their Horn needed for the Scythe Armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

That was our guide on where to find Silver Lizalfos in Tears of the Kingdom. For more TotK content and guides by Gamer Journalist, be sure to see our TotK section here. Thank you for reading this guide.

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