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Where to Find Scrooge McDuck’s Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Get the key to complete the quest.
Disney Dreamlight Valley
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Unlocking new areas enables players to unlock new characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley. After you discover the Glade of Trust and Dazzle Beach area in the game, you can unlock characters like Mother Gothel. One of the main antagonists in the Disney world, she will give you a quest named ”My Kingdom For A Scroll”, where you will have to find a Sun’s Scroll for her.

Scrooge McDuck has hid the Sun’s Scroll and you will need a key to complete the quest. Let’s look at the quest in details and see how you can get the key.

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Where to Find Scrooge McDuck’s Key in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

It is tricky to get Sun’s Scroll from Scrooge McDuck. You will need to fool the rich duck to get the location of the Scroll. Once you are successful in tricking McDuck, you will learn that he hid the Sun’s Scroll in a locked chest near the Mystical Cave, which is in Dazzle Beach. However, to open the chest, you will need a key. Forget about Scrooge telling you the location of the key.

Travel to the Glade of Trust and go to the Waterfall area on the North side of the place in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you reach near the fall, you will see a golden circle in the water. Now, equip the fishing rod and throw the string in the golden circle. You will find the cleverly hidden key. Sometimes you may see more than one golden circle. In that case, you will need to fish each one until you get the key.

After getting the key, return to the Dazzle Beach and open the chest to collect the Sun’s Scroll. Return the Scroll to Mother Gothel to complete the quest.

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