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Where to Find Rhenoplos Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Rhenoplos Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise

Animals don’t really appreciate it when you take their eggs, but eggs are an important component in many recipes. I admit, It’s kinda messed up to steal something’s unborn young for a snack, but hey, dango is really good. Here’s where to find Rhenoplos Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise.

One of the side quests in Monster Hunter Rise, “Bunny Dango – with Eggs!,” has Yomogi the Chef requesting a single Rhenoplos Egg for her latest Bunny Dango recipe. The problem is that she rather conspicuously forgets to tell you where Rhenoplos Eggs could be obtained, but that’s what you’re reading this for. Rhenoplos Eggs appear exclusively in the Sandy Plains, specifically in an underground cavern located beneath Area 11 that you can enter from a tunnel in Area 7 or from above. Actually finding the egg isn’t that difficult; you’ll know the giant Rhenoplos Den when you see it. The hard part is getting it home.

Where to Find Rhenoplos Eggs in Monster Hunter Rise

When you pick up the egg, you’ll be forced to use both hands to carry it. In this carrying state, any attempts to attack, jump off cliffs, or fast travel will immediately break the egg, requiring you to start over. You also can’t ride your Palamute, nor can you collect Endemic Life.

You can, however, still evade and use your Wirebugs, and you’ll need to in order to avoid all of the monsters that are milling about. You can also make use of Flashflies to ward off any monsters that try to have a go at you, as well as Peepersects to reduce the rate at which you consume stamina, allowing you to run longer.

The quickest means of travel with the egg is to use your Wirebugs to get up to higher, less populated cliffs, then work your way over them back to your camp. As long as you don’t fall from any high places, the egg will remain intact. Once you make it back to camp, just place the egg in the Supply Box, and you’re all done. Oh, and just a heads up, you can only drop the egg off at the main camp. Sub-camps don’t count.

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