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Monster Hunter Rise Monster Broth Location

Where to find Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise
Image via Capcom

I only just recently learned that a box of beef broth, once opened, is only good in the fridge for like a week. Those things are huge! How are you supposed to use it all in a week? They really ought to make smaller containers. Or at least figure out how to use broth for more than just cooking. Like, say, weapon forging, for example! Here’s where to find Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Broth is a mainstay crafting ingredient of the Monster Hunter franchise, appearing in multiple entries prior to Monster Hunter Rise. It is, as the name implies, a broth made from a slain monster’s various… secretions. How one would use such a thing in the forging of weapons, we’ll never know, but luckily, it’s just as plentiful in the wild as monsters themselves.

Where to find Monster Broth in Monster Hunter Rise

Unlike other monster-sourced crafting ingredients, Monster Broth can actually be obtained from a handful of different monsters, rather than just one. You can get a bottle of Monster Broth by carving up one of the following monsters, all found in High Rank maps:

  • Altaroth
  • Bnahabra
  • Rachnoid
  • Rakna-Kadaki 
  • Volvidon
Monster Hunter Rise Monster Broth

The two monsters that have the highest chance of dropping Monster Broth are Rachnoid and Rakna-Kadaki, both of which can be encountered at the Sandy Plains or Lava Caverns. Rachnoids can just be slain normally for a chance to get some Broth, while Rakna-Kadaki, being a larger monster, has a chance to drop a bit from breaking its head, carving it up, or as a Target Reward. The only problem with this approach is that you can’t find both of these monsters in the same place until you’ve reached 7-Star Gathering hub quests.

The next best option, which involves only Rachnoids, is to go on a Gathering Hub Expedition Tour of the Lava Caverns while there’s an outbreak of Rachnoids going on. If there’s an outbreak, there’ll be more than enough Rachnoids skittering about to make up the difference. 

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