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How to Beat Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise

How to Beat Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise

The idea of giant, Godzilla-esque monsters lurking in the deepest depths of the ocean genuinely terrifies me. Remember, mankind has only mapped out approximately 5% of the Earth’s oceans. If there are any creatures like Monster Hunter Rise’s Somnacanth lurking in the water somewhere, I don’t think I’ll be setting foot on a beach again for a while. For you braver folks out there, here’s how to beat Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise.

Somnacanth is one of the new monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. An aquatic predator, Somnacanth swims freely through the large water bodies of the Frost Islands, Flooded Forest, and Lava Caverns. As a predator, its weapon of choice is a powder expelled from its neck that puts foes to sleep, though its formidable speed in the water is a pretty big problem whether you’re asleep or awake. Even worse, due to its aquatic nature, it’s prone to inflicting the stamina-draining Waterblight on those that cross it. If you’re looking to hunt this thing, you’re gonna need to keep yourself alert and energized.

How to Beat Somnacanth in Monster Hunter Rise

To prep for this hunt, you’re going to need gear that gives you high resistance to sleep-inducing attacks, as well as high defense in general in the event you’re put to sleep and need to tank a hit. You’ll also need a means to quickly restore your stamina in the event of Waterblight, doubly so if you’re using stamina-heavy weaponry like Double Blades. As for what you should pack yourself, Somnacanth resists every element except fire or thunder, so one of those is a must. A thunder weapon is an ideal choice, as Somnacanth has lessened resistance to Thunderblight.

When you start the fight, Somnacanth will come at you hard and fast with its sleeping powder. It can disperse the powder in a variety of ways, including a short-range cloud right in front of it, a concentrated beam, and perhaps most dangerously, an AOE attack where it begins singing, dispersing powder in a wide area. I hope you’re good with your Wirebugs, because you’re gonna want to get out of the way in a hurry. In the event you’re put to sleep, Somnacanth will come at you with one of its colored shells, which produce a variety of nasty effects including stun and Blastblight. 

If possible, use a Stikmink to lure Somnacanth up out of the water. When it’s on land, its combat capabilities fall sharply. Whether it’s in the water or on land, you should also endeavor to hang around its back, as most of its attacks are front-facing. For weak spots, the best place to aim is Somnacanth’s large neck and tail. They’re large targets that are mostly undefended, so if you have a shot, take it. 

Keep sticking and moving while avoiding the sleep powder, and Somnacanth will eventually sing its last song.

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