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How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise
Image via Capcom

In just about any fantasy setting, you can suss out a tough guy from a distance if he’s covered in the discarded bones of a dragon. Dragon bones are the end-goal of any true monster hunter; simultaneously a medal of accomplishment and the ultimate natural armor. If you’d like to increase your calcium content, then here’s how to farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Farm Elder Dragon Bone in Monster Hunter Rise

Elder Dragon Bone, as the name no doubt implies, is a discarded bone from an Elder Dragon. As it so happens, we know the location of one such Elder Dragon: the Thunder Serpent, Narwa. She’s gigantic, she shoots lightning, and you want her bones. However, as a creature that stands nearly uncontested at the top of the monster food chain, Narwa isn’t going to cough up her bones easily.

In the first place, Narwa can’t be encountered during regular gameplay. There is only one solitary quest in the game where you can fight her, and it’s the very last one: the seven-star Hub Quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder.” Yep, she’s the last boss of the game. Additionally, Narwa doesn’t actually drop the bone when defeated. Rather, it’s a reward for clearing the mission. You can re-do the mission as many times as you like, but each victory will only yield a single bone, so farming a bunch will take a while.

As for dealing with Narwa herself, it’s not rocket science. She’s a dragon, and she’s very obviously got a thing for electricity going on. Ergo, you should pack thunder-resistant armor, and utilize either Dragon or Ice-affinity weapons. Oh, and don’t bother bringing any Thunder-affinity weapons along, they’ll be completely useless.

Oh, and in case you had any bright ideas about going after Narwa’s fellow Elder Dragon, the Wind Serpent Ibushi, don’t bother. Only by clearing Narwa’s quest can you obtain Elder Dragon Bones.

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