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Where to Find Platypus Gang’s Treasure in Chained Echoes

Follow the only lead there is
Image via Matthias Linda

Chained Echoes players have many Achievements to unlock throughout their time on this new JRPG. From defeating all the Unique Monsters, to completing each Act and finally to filling the Bestiary. But with most Achievements come various steps to its completion. However, one of these Achievements is very easy to complete if you know the location of its objective. This is our guide on where to find the Platypus Gang’s Treasure in Chained Echoes. To unlock the Achievement ‘The Platypus’ Mind’.

Platypus Gang’s Treasure Location

The Treasure is a very hard thing to find if you do not know where to begin. Players need to go to New Wyrnshire. Upon entering this Town, you may notice a group of 4 Platypuses running around the Map.

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Image via Matthias Linda

You should follow these the second you see them pass you as they will directly guide you to their Treasure (likely not on purpose however). Eventually, these Platypuses will lead you to the north-east side of the Town where you will come to a clearing of Chickens. The gang of Platypus will circle the area in which the Treasure is buried. Wait until they continue their path around the Town before you approach the square they were previously highlighting. You will pick up the Elixir item buried in the group, rewarding you with ‘The Platypus’ Mind’ Achievement’.

What is Elixir?

Elixir is an incredibly useful item to have on you when taking it into battle. This item replenishes all HP and TP for your Clan member should both bars fall too long. This can help massively in keeping the Overdrive Meter within the Green zone during a battle. Whilst your HP and TP will automatically restore itself after finishing a battle, having Elixir on you will prove useful should these get too low. You can also switch out members throughout a battle to keep the Meter from Overheating. However if a member’s moves are proving more effective in a Unique Monster Boss Fight, you may wish to use an Elixir to keep them in the game.

The item can be found throughout Quest completion, but are few and far between that you cannot regularly pick them up. Therefore, this piece of Treasure from the Platypus Gang will be incredibly helpful for later battles in Chained Echoes.

We hope this guide on where to find the Platypus Gang’s Treasure was helpful in completing an Achievement objective. For more Chained Echoes guides, feel free to check out: All Rusty Weapon Locations in Chained Echoes and How to Get Every Soul of Farnese in Chained Echoes. You can also follow us on our Facebook page so that you may stay updated on all the latest guides to fulfil your gaming needs.

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