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Where to Find Emberseeker Medallion in Palia – Location Guide

A Treasure Hunt for decoration
Palia Bug Catching
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In Palia, Bundles are offered to players looking to explore and live their ultimate Paldian lifestyle. With these Bundles, you are given assignments (Quests) to complete each Bundle offered, such as the Emberseeker’s Bundle which we are talking about in this article. The Emberseeker’s Bundle is part of the Vault of the Flames – the latest in Palia’s Open Beta. With culinary Questlines to find those mysterious Stuffed Tomatoes and for Sear-Chef Bundle, and a Quest all about exploration as you need to find x6 Emberseeker Medallions, the Flames Bundle should keep you busy until the next one arrives.

If you want to complete the Vault of the Flames, finding all of the Emberseeker Medallions is crucial to doing so. The reward for locating and obtaining all 6 Medallions is an Emberborn Brazier. This is a decorative item that can only be obtained as a reward by completing the Emberseeker’s Bundle. This is Vincent’s guide on where to find every Emberseeker Medallion in Palia.

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Emberseeker Medallion Location Guide – Palia

As there are a total of 6 Medallions you need to find to complete this Bundle as part of the Vault of the Flames, you can follow our location guide below which will point you to where you need to go and what steps you need to do in order to obtain each Medallion.

The Medallions are found inside Chests, rather than singular items outlined by an item indicator beam or glow. These should be relatively easy to spot as you traverse across Bahari Bay. However, we recommend completing the Vault of the Flames Bundle in this order:

Kilima Valley

Emberseeker Medallions in Kilima Valley
Image via MapGenie/ Gamer Journalist
  • Upon getting the Questline from your Mailbox from Jina, head to the Night Sky Temple in Kilima Valley (between Mirror Fields and Leafhopper Hills). You can simply follow the Quest marker on the map for this Emberseeker Medallion.

Bahari Bay

Emberseeker Medallions in Bahari Bay
Image via MapGenie/ Gamer Journalist
  • From the Temple, head left towards Mirror Fields. Use the Bulletin Board to fast-travel to Bahari Bay Stables. In Bahari Bay, follow the route counter-clockwise to Thorny Thicket. Head to the North-West side of the Thicket perimeter where you are overlooking the river below. The Medallion Chest can be found over the edge of the platform where the river runs below and a big tree and its roots fall over the edge. It can also be found just East of Tamala’s House.
  • Next, follow the perimeter East, heading straight for the top part of Coral Shores, next to Statue Garden. When you get here, look for the small shipwreck of a wooden boat. The Chest can be found in the upside-down wrecked boat in the sand.
  • Now head South down to Lighthouse Lagoon. You need to go under the Curved White Bridge of this Landmark and look between the Bridge Pillars to find this Chest. You will need to climb up the same cliff to view the inner Pillars of the Bridge.
  • Continue South towards Windy Ruins. Head to the Beachcomber Cove Fast-Travel Bulletin Board where the Medallion can be found behind a curved structure pushed against the cliffside opposite the Stables Fast-Travel.
  • Finally, go northwest from Windy Ruin, straight through into the Mines. From the entrance, follow the route through until you come across a hole with wooden planks on top of it. Drop down onto the wooden planks below to reach the bottom. Climb over the small rocky cliffs until you are facing a foliage wall that you can walk through. Turn right and drop past the broken white statue. In this room, the final Emberseeker Medallion can be picked up.

That was our complete location guide to find all Emberseeker Medallions in Palia for the Vault of the Flames Bundle. For more cozy content, feel free to look at  Best Crops Per Season in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and All Tameable Spirits in Moonstone Island. Thank you for reading this guide, we hope it proved useful in your search. For more from us, feel free to follow our Facebook.

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