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Where to Find Captain Hoz in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom – Location Guide

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Sometimes locating a character can be difficult, especially if Link is not given access to the standard route of entering the Castle. But learning the Ascend ability gives you infinite possibilities in getting to places that in reality, you would not be able to typically get to. Being able to swim through solid matter just makes life a whole lot easier and takes out any unnecessary climbing or platforming out of the equation. To be able to Ascend however, you need to visit the Gutanbac Shrine. With the Ascend ability unlocked, you will find yourself flying through the map and into the arms of dear, confused Captain Hoz. This is Vincent’s guide on where to find and how to get to Captain Hoz in Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Captain Hoz in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

With Link being a mute throughout this life, typical for Nintendo games, a lot of the dialogue relies solely on the characters you meet along the way. In your introduction with Captain Hoz, you should notice how this NPC perfectly encapsulates everything you may be feeling in this point in time. From the absolute panic with the ‘Crisis at Hyrule Castle’ and seeing Princess Zelda literally turn into a ball of light sparks major confusion for both Captain and ourselves. But in seeing this cutscene, players need to head to the very top of Hyrule Castle. You need to head for the ‘Crisis at Hyrule Castle’ Waypoint in order to find Captain Hoz and see this cutscene as it is key to starting the Quest.

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How to Get to the Main Gatehouse

You will find Captain Hoz at the top of the Castle. Follow the path upwards where you will speak to multiple NPCs before heading to the Main Gatehouse in Hyrule Castle. Heading to this area can be difficult due to the fact that it is restricted as Sharce tells you at the main archway into the Castle grounds. For that reason, you need to head North-West, heading up the path to go around the Castle. To get to the Main Gatehouse, you need to walk all the way up the spiral path until you find the First Gatehouse. To get to the top of the Gatehouse however, you will need to use your Ascend ability. This can either be used in the entrance archway of the Gatehouse that you will have walked through or by doing a bit of climbing yourself on the outside of the Gatehouse where a staircase can be found.

As you cannot use the Ascend ability to jump across the two wooden platforms in the Gatehouse itself, you need to either climb to the top platform to Ascend to the ceiling or simply Ascend via the entrance archway. Both will take you to the Main Gatehouse where Captain Hoz resides however, the archway route is far quicker.

That was our location guide for Captain Hoz in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We have a lot more Zelda guides available at Gamer Journalist, if you are interested in reading more from us.

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