Where to find Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise
Image via Capcom

There are dozens of different monster materials to collect in the latest installment of Monster Hunter. Big Fin is a material you’ll need in Monster Hunter Rise if you’re going for the Barroth armor or the Delex weapons. You’ll need a steady supply of Big Fin, so it helps to know exactly where to find them. Here’s where to find Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise and an easy-to-reference map for the monster’s exact location.

“A fin that can be all shapes and sizes. The strongest come from the Sandy Plains Delex.”

Where to find Big Fin in Monster Hunter Rise

You can get Big Fin from carving Delex in the Sandy Plains region in Monster Hunter Rise. A few Delex are hanging out in areas 9 and 10 of the Sandy Plains region. You can accept any quest or expedition in Sandy Plains to access this area, such as slaying small monsters or sighting specific monsters.

Again, you’ll want to head to areas 9 and 10, which are in the northeast and northwest sections of the map. It’s a big open sandy area. The monsters you’re looking for are called Delex, and they look like sand fish. Carve enough of these Delex, and you should be finding some Big Fin in no time. 

Refer to the map above for the exact location of where to find Delex in the Sandy Plains region of Monster Hunter Rise. I hope this guide helps you out. Good luck!