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Where to Find All of the Secret Eggs in Roblox Anime Star Simulator

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Anime Lost Simulator
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Players are quickly becoming obsessed with Anime Lost Simulator, and for good reason! This game features a dazzling combat style while being reminiscent of other popular anime RPGs on Roblox. Collect many different weapons, skills and pets as you train to become one of the strongest warriors in all of the land! But don’t forget to keep an eye out at all times, since monsters and bosses are ever-present and always out for blood. Customize your character and rank up to increase your multiplier you progress, and explore the expansive world of Anime Lost Simulator as you wish. In this guide we will cover all of the secret egg locations in the game!

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Where Can You Find the Secret Eggs in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator?

In order to find the eggs that are hidden in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator, you will need to do a little digging first. Sorry, I mean a little bit of searching. Obviously! Without any further ado, here are all of the secret egg locations in Roblox Anime Lost Simulator.

Where Is the First Secret Egg?

The first egg can be found on a pirate ship that is found from the right of spawn, but is separated from the mainland by an invisible ledge. In order to reach this ledge you will need to double jump, and then hope that you land on the transparent pathway. If not, respawn and then climb the palm tree again to try until you make it over!

How Can You Find the Second Secret Egg?

Travel to City Land for this next egg, and then go to the yellow building you will see. Walk through the side door, and then stay completely still after you get teleported away from the building. If you don’t move, you will remain spawned exactly on top of the secret egg, which means all you need to do next is obtain it! Great work on this tricky one, let’s check out the next.

Where Is the Last Secret Egg Hidden?

Head to Giant Forest for this last egg, and then once you have spawned walk all the way forward until you reach the second fork in the paths. From there, choose the rightmost path and walk to the shoreline where you will see a boat out in the water. Stay still on the edge for a little while, and then you’ll get teleported onto the ship you were looking at. You will respawn right where the secret egg is, and can then quickly acquire it as well. Congratulations!

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