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Where to Find All Wooden Figurines in Bramble: The Mountain King

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Bramble: The Mountain King is a completely linear game in which you will have one set destination you need to get to with every Chapter in order to progress. But with these style of games, especially Indie Horror Games, there is a lot of secrets and collectibles tucked away in the deepest and darkest corners. Similar to Little Nightmares in that you will meet tiny, innocent and naïve characters that can either be saved or condemned by your actions alone, you too will find secrets within the land that promote exploration and add a little something extra to a completely linear game. For those looking for the Wooden Figurines, this is Vincent’s location guide on where to find all 11 in Bramble: The Mountain King.

How to Unlock ‘Collector’ Achievement in Bramble: The Mountain King

Collecting all 11 Wooden Figurines will offer you an individual Achievement per Figurine and in finding all available in the game will give you the ‘Collector’ Achievement. Unfortunately, you cannot keep track of your progress with this Achievement on the Nintendo Switch which was something I particularly struggled with as I had no way to know how many were in the game and what particular Figurines I should have been looking around for. However, this location guide will pinpoint to you, regardless of what platform you are playing Bramble on, of where all 11 Wooden Figurines can be found. The list goes in order of appearance and you should try to find this in the order listed below so that it is easier to locate them all in a single playthrough.

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As you cannot backtrack in this game, your best bet is to follow the guide below in a single playthrough, from Chapter 1 onwards so that you do not miss a single Wooden Figurine in your run.

Wooden Figurine Location Guide

  1. Lillemor – Located at the beginning of the game, inside the Tree House you must go through to progress. You will find the Key inside the Matchbox on the Table. Lillemor’s Wooden Figurine can also be found here.
  2. Gnome – When you make it to the Gnome Village to play Hide and Seek with the Village residents, go to the Bench located in front of the central House. There is a Gnome asleep here and beside him is the Gnome Wooden Figurine.
  3. Troll – After escaping from the under ‘water’, more like under rotten flesh monster, you need to climb up to the wooden shelf on the wall where you can oversee the shelf above with a tiny rodent on it, and see the giant door on the right. But if you look in between the shelf Olle stands on and where the rodent is, the Troll Wooden Figurine can be found on top of the wooden crate at the end of the shelf Olle stands on. You can only view it under the interactive view window.
  4. Näcken – When you are on the brilliant transportation system of the hedgehog being lured by the worm bait, you will find a moment of peace at a bit of land in between the lake where a single tree stump resides. The Näcken Wooden Figurine is located at the backside of the tree stump, where a pile of rocks and knives rest.
  5. Lemus – This Wooden Figurine is located on the left side of where you take the Lemus across the water to see their leader/father. Before you head to the right to climb up and balance across the beam, go left, overseeing the landscape below. You can interact to enter the viewing screen where the Lemus Wooden Figurine can be picked up here.
  6. Tuva – Tuva’s Wooden Figurine is the hardest to locate in the game. You will find this specifically in Chapter 9 after defeating Näcken. Upon meeting Tuva, you will enter the forest once more where you need to head away from the camera, straight path north of you. For following the story, you would normally turn right but to find Tuva’s Figurine, you need to turn left after running past the second tree on this path. Tuva’s Wooden Figurine can be found on a screen over if you run off to the left side.
  7. Kärrhäxan – After you reach the docks before your fight with the Swamp Maiden, you need to release the boat so that you can cross the gap between the two wooden pathways. Upon jumping over, you get the choice to head down or up, where the story continues if you go up the stairs. Instead, follow the path down where Kärrhäxan’s Wooden Figurine is located at the edge of this path. You will find the Figurine throw the viewing screen, on top of the floating broken wooden structures in the distance.
  8. Skogsrået – This is located before the Boss Fight and inside the Village where the Plague has swept the Vilage and left only the undead, rabid humans. In the Chapel where you need to get the Key off the Woman sitting on the chair, turn to the Book on the stand on the left side of the Chapel. In this viewing screen, look up and right, over towards the cabinet. Look at the second shelf where the Skogsrået Wooden Figurine can be found here.
  9. Pesta – After escaping the Plagued Village, you make your way by climbing a Lighthouse. Before you climb the final ladder, however, you should continue to the right, where the Pesta Wooden Figurine can be found at the edge of the path.
  10. Lyktgubben – Inside the Lyktgubben’s Room of Knowledge (that’s what I am calling it anyways), you will learn about the origin of the curse and King Nil’s fate. After reading about the lore, head south in this room where a desk can be interacted with. The Lyktgubben Wooden Figurine is located on top of this desk.
  11. King Nils – The final Wooden Figurine is of King Nils and it is located inside Prince Ulrik’s Room inside the Castle. You will need to interact with the bookcase where in the viewing screen, look at the top-right corner of the bookcase and the King’s Wooden Figurine can be found here.

That was the location guide for every Wooden Figurine in Bramble: The Mountain King. We hope you enjoyed this guide and that it was helpful for you in unlocking many Achievements for this game. For other guides on Bramble, feel free to see more at Gamer Journalist.

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