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Where to Buy Precision Airstrike in Warzone 2 DMZ

Enemy precision airstrike inbound.
Image Via Infinity Ward

I know I have talked about this before, but in my time, killstreaks were gained by, well, kill points. But things have indeed changed, and the extraction FPS genre or mode justify this change as well. I mean, you don’t have enough time to enter a map, do some objectives, extract, and on top of that, killing 14 enemy units to get your favorite killstreak. Well, if you can’t kill your way to the reward, you can purchase it instead. Here is where to buy a Precision Airstrike in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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Where to Buy Precision Airstrike

Whether you would want a Precision Airstrike because you love them or you wish to complete the Death from Above mission (White Lotus), you will have to collect a total of 12,000 dollars (or whatever the currency is). You will have to perform Radiation Contracts to collect the necessary cash to buy a Precision Airstrike. Caution: since the mission above will require you to kill 10 enemies with the Precision Airstrike, you will benefit a lot from saving up enough money to purchase 2 Precision Airstrikes.

Anyway. In order to purchase it, you will have to head to a Buy Station. There is a bit of luck and RNG involved here, since not every single one of the Buy Stations will have a Precision Airstrike available for you to purchase. Players have reported that two Buy Stations in particular have consistently offered Precision Airstrikes: AL Bagra Fortress, and Al Malik Airport Buy Stations.

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And there you go! That is how you purchase Precision Airstrikes in Warzone 2 DMZ. If you complete the Death from Above mission, you will be rewarded with a Stronghold Keycard and, 7500 Experience Points. Be sure to wait in the chopper until the end of the match when you reach the last exfil at the outdoor dock. Call both Precision Airstrikes and get rid of thos 10 enemy units. Good luck completing the mission!

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