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Where is the Lost Ark Auction House? How to Access, Unlock, Use, and More

Warm up your auctioneer voice.
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Even before the age of eBay, people have been auctioning off their random crud to each other for about as long as the concept of commerce has existed. Sometimes, you just have some random junk you want to flip for a quick buck. If your pack runneth over in Lost Ark, you can empty out its contents for fun and profit at the Auction House. So, where is the Lost Ark Auction House?

Where is the Lost Ark Auction House? How to Access, Unlock, Use, and More

Before you can use the Auction House, you need to be at least level 30. They don’t let just any Joe Schmoe into these places, you know. Once you’ve sufficiently leveled up, you’ll automatically gain access to the Auction House. Then it’s just a matter of finding it.

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The Auction House doesn’t actually have a hard and fast location. Rather, it’s more of a utility, one that can be accessed from specific NPCs all over Lost Ark’s world. These NPCs are designated as Market Brokers, and you can usually find at least one milling about in the game’s major town areas. You can find them by searching for their unique icons on the world map. When you interact with a Market Broker, they’ll have two tabs: the regular Market tab for buying stuff retail, and the Auction House.

Incidentally, if you’re subscribed to Lost Ark’s Crystalized Aura service, you can open up the Auction House instantly by chatting up your pet.

Bang That Gavel

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The Auction House screen features a list of every item that other players have put up for sale. There are going to be a lot of offerings, so make sure you use the menu’s built-in search and filter functions to find the particular stuff you’re looking for.

When you find something you want, you’ll have two options. First, you can put up a bid for the item, setting your own price for it. As long as nobody outbids you before the auction ends, the item will be yours for the price you set. The second option is a buyout. For an inflated price, you can buy the item immediately, skipping the whole bidding process.

If you’d like to sell an item of your own, just click on the Register button at the bottom-right of the menu. Pick the item from your inventory you want to sell, set the starting bid and buyout prices, and confirm to put it on the list. Just be warned that as soon as someone puts a bid in, it’s on the market for good; you can’t get it back. On the other hand, if you leave an item up for auction for a while and nobody bids on it, you can withdraw it.

The Auction House is a great place to find more esoteric items, and at (potentially) more affordable prices. I just hope you don’t mind loitering around for a bidding war or two.

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