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How to Get Humpback Whale Oil in Lost Ark

A must to complete quests.
LA Trixion Class Destroyer in Lost Ark
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Lost Ark is one of those top-down 2.5D MMORPGs you can enjoy exploring. It is one of the popular titles on Steam and has a dedicated community to it. The game offers brilliant mechanics and a strong story line full of missions.

Completing missions and quests requires players to forage around different locations. While there are many items in the game, we will focus on finding the Humpback Whale Oil in this article. You will need to explore and search for the oil to complete Torches of Kindness Roster Quest.

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How to get Humpback Whale Oil in Lost Ark

Exploring is tricky because the game features many locations and areas. This makes searching for items a little more challenging. However, players will have to travel and explore to find the Whale Oil.

For starters, sail to the Frozen Sea in Sushire. This is the perfect place to find the Humpback Whale Oil in Lost Ark. Once you reach the location, look for the Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel, which is a Merchant Ship. Once there, purchase the Humpback Whale Oil for 6000 Pirate Coins.

There is an alternate method of getting Humpback Whale Oil. You can get it as a reputation Level 2 reward after completing Una’s tasks for the Weeping Sea Reputation. Unfortunately, Una’s tasks will become a daily chore while you are on Notos Island, until you can get the reward.

The Humpback Whale Oil is a useful item. You can use it to make torches, which will help you explore places like the Ice Maze. The Ice Maze is dark, and it’s incredibly hard to find your way in there. Using the oil to light the way with torches is probably your best bet.

If you like to read guides like this, check out our dedicated section on Lost Ark. It will help you solve similar obstacles in the game.

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