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Where is the Hospital in The Sims 4?

Where in the world is that hospital!?
Sims 4
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We’ve all been there. Our Sim needs to go to the hospital because they’re feeling unwell. Every time you click the button to make them head to the hospital they’re going down a rabbit hole. After a few hours they’re back on your lot in a dazed state of mind. It’s funny because we never actually get to see the hospital until you have a baby. You’re immediately transported to another lot with doctors all around waiting until it’s time for you to give birth. However, if you try to manually go there, the hospital is nowhere to be found. That begs the question where is the hospital in Sims 4?

Where is the Hospital in The Sims 4?

That pesky hospital has been hidden for quite some time now. The only time you can physically go there is when you’re giving birth or have a career as a doctor and you need to join them for work. Other than that, it’s not seen on the map. So, where is it? The hospital in Sims 4 is actually a hidden lot and Sims 4 is no stranger to having hidden lots. Hidden lots aren’t like hidden worlds where you need to either raise a skill level or solve a few riddles in order to get there. A hidden lot is something very different.

How to Get to the Hospital in Sims 4

Now that we have established that the hospital is a hidden lot, that still raises a question, as to how can we get to it. In order to get to the hospital you need to have the expansion pack “The Sims 4: Get To Work”. This will unlock certain career paths that will take you to lots only you Sim can go to if they’re working there. For example, if you’re a scientist you will be taken to the science lab where you can go through numerous duties throughout the day to raise your work progress. The doctor, same thing, your Sim will navigate to the hospital to perform duties.

Another way to get to the hospital in Sims 4 is the most common way. Having birth. When you own the expansion pack you will be able to give birth in the hospital. This is a very common method to reach this hospital and once you’re there you’ll have a doctor deliver your baby for you. Unfortunately, these are the only methods you can use in order to find the hospital. It’s a pain if you don’t have the expansion pack, however, thanks to modders out there, there are other ways to create a hospital and have your own private practice.

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