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When is the Madden 22 release date?

When is the Madden 22 release date?

There are few things in life that are fully guaranteed: death, taxes, Tom Brady winning a Super Bowl… And Madden’s annual release date. Even though EA has yet to officially announce the release date of Madden 22, you don’t have to look far to see why we feel so confident with our prediction. EA has always been (relatively) consistent with its launches, especially when it comes to Madden. 

So, whether you’re itching to kick off with new rookies like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, or you can’t wait to get your new Franchise started, here’s everything we know so far about Madden 22’s release date. 

When is the Madden 22 release date?

EA has not released any details outlining the official release date for Madden 22, though based on years in the past, the official launch should be right around the corner. The last several iterations of the global game have typically launched in early-mid August. Even with no official date, it seems like a pretty safe bet that EA will once again target this time frame, especially since it aligns perfectly with the end of NFL training camps and the start of preseason football. AKA, peak NFL-hype season. 

Due to the release of next-gen consoles in 2020, the release date for Madden 21 fell slightly out of sync compared to their PS4/Xbox One counterparts. The release date last year was delayed several weeks before the official launch (August 28th). 

However, we could see this launch date revert to normal this year, meaning that the game could be released much earlier in the month. I wouldn’t necessarily count on it, though, as outside of the releases in 2018 and 2019, all of the recent Madden games have launched closer to the end of the month. With the last three versions coming out on a Friday. Following this theory, we should expect Madden 22 to release between August 20th and August 27th of this year.  

The date typically falls earlier in the month, but don’t be shocked if EA must revise their schedule due to the pandemic. The truth of the matter is that COVID-19 has slowed all game development projects drastically in 2020 and 2021. So much so that we even saw MLB The Show 21 launch a few weeks after the MLB’s official Opening Day of the season. So, while Madden typically releases their games earlier in the month, don’t be surprised to see this one gets pushed back towards the end of the month due to the pandemic. 

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