When is Crossplay Coming to Destiny 2?

Ever since Bungie split from Activision, the company has made a point of steering Destiny 2 towards becoming more of an MMO than a looter-shooter like it was initially designed. A part of this shift in focus is bringing crossplay to the game so that players are connected in one community regardless of what platform they play on. So, when exactly is crossplay coming to Destiny 2?

When is Crossplay Coming to Destiny 2?

Crossplay is likely coming to Destiny 2 in Season 14. You read that right. Crossplay is probably coming out next season. Sort of, anyway. The officially scheduled release for the feature is actually for fall this year, but Bungie is setting up to run some Alpha tests during summer, as well. 

While you shouldn’t expect full crossplay functionality just yet, we might be able to play with guardians from other systems in certain limited events. If everything goes well with these tests on Bungie’s backend, we should see a full release sometime in December. 

What crossplay is going to bring, though, remains to be seen. PvP wise, we know that console players are going to have the option to not connect with PC players, but is there going to be similar functionality for PvE? Time will tell, I suppose. 

We will keep you posted when we get more concrete answers regarding the exact date and details for crossplay functionality in Destiny 2.