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What to Give the Kids in Live A Live

Give a snack, get an item.
Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

In the Near Future chapter of Live A Live, our protagonist, Akira, lives in an orphanage with a group of younger kids. As the oldest resident, Akira is kind of obligated to occasionally do his fellow orphans a little favor every now and then, including getting them their favorite snacks. Here’s what to give the kids in Live A Live.

What to Give the Kids in Live A Live

A short way into the Near Future chapter, you’ll have an opportunity to give each of the four kids (besides Akira’s sister Kaori) their favorite snack. Do so, and they’ll trade you for a handy item you can either equip or bring to Doc Tobei to upgrade. However, this is a deceptively tricky prospect, as the game doesn’t actually tell you where to get the snacks, and the window of opportunity is pretty small.

Right after the first time you visit Doc Tobei and break his teleporter thing, rather than returning to the orphanage, go instead to the park on the west side of town. Here, you’ll see Lawless running his taiyaki stand at the park’s entrance. To get snacks for everyone, you need to help Lawless run the stand. Just talk to Lawless, then interact with the back of the stand to start.

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One of four different kinds of customers will come up to the stand, and you’ll need to charge them one of four prices based on what they’d be willing to pay. Each customer will accept two of the price options, and Lawless will give you one of the four snacks you need for each price you correctly charge. Here’s what the different customers are willing to pay:

  • Little boy: 100 or 300 yen
  • Girl: 300 or 1,000 yen
  • Businessman: 1,000 or 10,000 yen
  • Old lady: 100 or 10,000 yen

For each price you correctly charge, Lawless will give you one of four kinds of snacks:

  • 100 yen: Taiyaki
  • 300 yen: Banana Crepe
  • 1,000 yen: Guts and Glory Special
  • 10,000 yen: Misawa Special

You only need one of each kind of snack, but don’t hesitate to hang around for a while and keep serving customers. There’s no penalty for failure, and Lawless will keep rewarding you for correct answers, so it’s a great way to grind up healing items for later.

Image via Nintendo/Square Enix

Once you’ve got your fill of snacks, return to the orphanage. After the cutscene with Doc Tobei and Taroimo, you’ll see Taeko come out of the kids’ room after putting them down for a nap. Go on in and talk to each kid to give them their snack of choice. If you give them the right snack, they’ll give you an item in return.

  • Yuki: Give Misawa Special, get a Power Wristguard
  • Aki: Give a Taiyaki, get a Misanga
  • Watanabe: Give a Banana Crepe, get a Cap
  • Kazu (he’s not in the room; you’ll find him in the sandbox out front): Give a Guts and Glory Special, get a Baseball Glove

Make sure to go help out at Lawless’s stand as soon as you’re able because if you progress the story past this point, he’ll leave the stand and won’t return for the rest of the chapter.

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