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What to Do With Broken Equipment Powder in Lost Ark?

Just add water!
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It’s oddly amusing to think of solid objects being reduced to powder. Like, an entire steel short sword ending up as a pile of fluffy powder on the ground. Maybe I’m the only one who finds that amusing. If you don’t, then here’s an incentive: money! Here’s what to do with Broken Equipment Powder in Lost Ark.

What to Do With Broken Equipment Powder in Lost Ark?

When you’re fiddling with your inventory in Lost Ark, if you highlight a piece of equipment like a weapon or armor, you can choose to dismantle it by pressing the button at the bottom of the window. When you dismantle a piece of equipment, it’ll turn into a lump of Broken Equipment Powder, as well as some other assorted odds and ends depending on the equipment’s level. While most of this stuff can be used for crafting, what are you supposed to do with the Broken Equipment Powder?

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Money for Nothing

Lost Ark Paladin
Image via Tripod Studio/Smilegate RPG

There is exactly one thing you can do with Broken Equipment Powder: hock it. The only thing Broken Equipment Powder is good for is selling off to random merchants in exchange for silver. The point of this system is to let you grind up a whole bunch of gear pieces you don’t need anymore and store them in a single item stack in your inventory, rather than having each thing take up a slot. It cuts down on clutter, and you can sell them in fewer clicks.

Incidentally, Broken Equipment Powder can actually be worth more silver than the equipment they came from sometimes, so if there’s something you don’t need anymore, consider dismantling first it instead of just selling it wholesale.

If you’re out and about and are running low on inventory space, remember: dismantling equipment is your friend! Grind up the stuff you don’t need and sell it all later.

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