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What time does Destiny 2 Reset?

What time does Destiny 2 Reset?
Image via Bungie

Destiny 2 remains popular among its die-hard fans, and lots of new players are returning for the game’s fifth expansion, Beyond Light. One of the things that keep players coming back is the weekly resets and opportunities to obtain powerful loot from Xur and Saint-14. One of the most important questions players ask is, what time does Destiny 2 reset? 

The answer can be confusing, so we wanted to put all the information in one place. This way, you always know what time the game resets. Different activities and events reset each week, which we’ll go over below in some more detail.

What time does Destiny 2 Reset?

The weekly reset times for Destiny 2 are as follows:

  • US (East Coast): Tuesday at 12 PM EST
  • US (West Coast): Tuesday at 9 AM PST
  • United Kingdom: Tuesday at 5 PM GMT
  • Europe: Tuesday at 6 PM CEST

Times slightly adjust depending on whether or not Daylight Savings Time is active. The times above are correct from November to March, but you’ll want to add an hour from March to November. 

When do specific activities reset in Destiny 2?

Reset information below is per the official Bungie website, so it is accurate. The following Rituals reset rewards and progression every day:

  • Bounties: Activity, Clan, Destination, Vendor
  • Daily Challenges
  • Prime Attunement Buff (new stacks added at reset)

The following content resets weekly on Tuesday:

  • Crucible Challenge
  • Raid Challenges, Encounters, and Checkpoints
  • Europa Powerful Rewards
  • Vendor Bounties
  • Gambit Weekly Challenge
  • Strike Playlist Weekly Challenge 
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal Strike and Challenge
  • Weekly Clan Engrams
  • Weekly Clan XP Caps
  • Eververse Bright Dust Selections
  • Trials of Osiris Rewards
  • Seasonal Weekly Rituals

Seasonal resets are on the longest intervals and impact rewards and progression for lots of content, including:

  • Iron Banner Seasonal Challenges 
  • Clan Level and Seasonal XP Progress
  • Season Pass Progress
  • Eververse Inventory
  • Guided Games Seeker Tickets
  • Crucible Valor and Glory Ranks
  • Seasonal Vendor Progression

Keep in mind, Xur also leaves on Tuesday at the above times, so make sure to pick anything up from him before then. He shows up again on Friday, at the same time of day. 

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