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What is the Friend’s Name in Amanda the Adventurer? – All Correct Answers Guide

Things are escalating rather fast aren't they?
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Amada can be an ultimate put-off from anyone thinking of having a child in this day and age. What with the cost of living crisis and impending wrath of displeasing Amanda herself, it is enough to turn anyone away from her ‘loving embrace’. As those who look too close into the Apple Core of Amanda the Adventurer TV Show, will become entrapped, forced to abide by Amanda’s rules… or else. Being a girl who struggles with abandonment, father issues and a friendship where you do not know if it is a façade or real. Amanda and ourselves are constantly getting the wool pulled over our eyes. But in order to get through this game, it is imperative that you answer Amanda correctly, otherwise you could be the next pair of stolen eyes placed onto the Show’s Set. This is Vincent’s Amanda the Adventurer answers Guide.

Amanda the Adventurer Answers Guide

In Amanda the Adventurer, your initial goal is to make it through the 3 Tapes – ‘Kitchen’, ‘Neighbourhood’ and ‘Accidents’. Whilst deterring away from these will grant you with new Tapes of Alternate versions of old episodes, other puzzles can reward players with more lore on this cursed TV Show. For those trying this Indie Horror Game for the first time, it is incredibly important that you pay attention to your surroundings. Take every aspect of information the game has to offer, from clues for codes hidden in the Tapes to possible answers you will need to give to Amanda to progress through the story. This guide will show you every piece of information, code and answer you need when conversing with Amanda and Wooly.

‘In The Kitchen’ Tape

In the introductory episode to the Show, there are no real options in which plays can move away from the destined path. This Tape instead acts as a taster into what is to come with indulging in Amanda’s Adventures. The answers you need to get through this Tape are:

  • What to use to cut Apples – ‘Knife‘.
  • Where is the Sugar? – Pantry (above Sink).

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‘In Your Neighbourhood’ Tape

The next Tape is where you will help Amanda prepare and send off her present for her friend. Once again, there are not any ways in which the player can alter the outcome of the Tape or experience something different when it comes to this episode. This time however, players may struggle a little bit more in completing this Tape to get to the next puzzle. Therefore the answers you need to progress are:

  • Go to the 24/7 Store to purchase a Great Job Card.
  • Head to the Bakery and select the Cookies.
  • Finally, go to the Post Office and enter Amanda’s Friend’s Name – ‘Kate‘.

‘Oh No! Accidents!’ Tape

The next episode is when Wooly suffers a Knee injury. You will need to correctly answer Amanda’s questions to get to the end of the Tape and complete the Clock Puzzle. However, as you are completing this Tape, be sure to pay attention to the 3 Clocks that are shown throughout the episode and their time, this is important for the puzzle in the Attic. By completely this final Tape, you will see the ‘Gruesome End’ which is the first Bad Ending in Amanda the Adventurer and one that everyone playing this game will witness first out of the 5 Endings this game has to offer.

  • Who is there to help Wooly? – ‘Hospital‘. Saying ‘Nobody‘ instead will grant you an Achievement.
  • Enter the ‘Bone Room‘ for Wooly’s appointment.
  • Select X-Ray Machine for Wooly’s Knee.

‘Everything Rots’ Tape

In this final episode, things are a little different than normal. If you played through the last few episodes by only selecting and inputting the correct answers, you will notice a massive change in Amanda’s personality. With the nature of the entire video shifting to a more disturbing note about things that are no longer alive.

  • Select the mouldy Sandwich at the lower-right corner of the Picnic blanket.
  • What is the opposite of ALIVE? – ‘Dead‘.
  • How did the Fox die? – Select the Rose Bush where a Bear Trap is revealed underneath.
  • Does everything rot? – ‘No‘.

You will get the first Ending of Amanda the Adventurer which is a Bad End, but do not fret, everyone must get this Ending in order to open the Safe for the Pause function that will help players locate new clues and codes within the story that is needed to find Alternate or Secret Tapes.

Alternate ‘In Your Neighbourhood’ Tape

This is the first Alternate Tape that you will get in Amanda the Adventurer. This time around the goal is to get something nice for Wooly as this version of Amanda is more forgetful than usual.

  • Head to the 24/7 Store and get a Birthday Card.
  • Select the Candy Store, it will vanish and you will have no choice but to enter the Butchers.
  • Select either options in the Butchers, Amanda will kick you all out and ask you who her friend is. Answer – ‘Wooly‘.
  • For the Coloring Book you need to keep inputting the order of which you entered the Stores. This is – 24/7, Candy and Butchers.

‘Petting Zoo’ Tape

There is a lot to do in the Petting Zoo and none of which Amanda will be happy with. However, if you are looking to correctly answer what Amanda asks you throughout the Tape whilst utilizing the Pause button that you will now have after getting ‘Gruesome End’, you will be able to find more Secret Tapes within.

  • What is the Daddy Chicken called? – ‘Rooster‘. Input ‘Sam‘ here instead for an Achievement.

Pay close attention to the Weather Reports and use the Pause button when they appear to correctly select the Weather via the Toy in the Attic.

Alternate ‘Everything Rots’ Tape

This is one of the more interesting Tapes as its main purpose is for players to get different Endings in the game. Everything plays out the same until you find the trapped Kitten instead of the killed Fox. If you answer ‘Yes‘ to helping the Kitten, you will get the ‘Fateful End’. If you say ‘No‘ and are later asked by Amanda if you can be friends, regardless of your answer here, it will result in a Bad Ending where the true form of Amanda shows itself once more, just like in the ‘Gruesome End’.

Alternate ‘Oh No! Accidents’ Tape

In this one, Amanda blatantly attacks Wooly for speaking out. When this happens you are asked to outline where Wooly is injured. This time the answer is his ‘Head’ which you need to click on. This results in Amanda performing an operation on poor ol’ Wooly who regardless of who you try to help here, gets killed by Amanda. Therefore, on this Tape, there is no right or wrong answer as Amanda has already decided on what she will do to Wooly to ‘save‘ his mind.

‘We Can Share’ Tape

The final Tape you will find with Amanda starring in it is the ‘We Can Share’ episode. In this, Amanda shows off her lunch, which looks incredibly similar to her old companion Wooly. What a power move by Amanda honestly. In the end, you need to answer ‘Yes‘ or ‘No‘ to Amanda sharing her secret. Both answers result in a different Ending, but both in a way would be regarded as Good Endings as Riley makes it out of the cursed Tapes alive, although the curse is not broken as Amanda truly is out there…somewhere.

That was our GJ guide on all of the correct answers you will need to either select or input on the Tapes in Amanda the Adventurer. We hope this guide helps you on your journey in find all of the Endings and seeing every hidden secret within the Original and Alternate Episodes. For more guides and theories on this Indie Horror Game, be sure to see our related articles over here. Thank you for reading.

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