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What is SMRS in Call of Duty Mobile?

What is SMRS in Call of Duty Mobile?
Image via Activision

If you’re new to Call of Duty Mobile or looking to learn more about the game, you should familiarize yourself with the launcher. One popular choice is the SMRS because it doubles as a counter to scorestreaks and a reliable weapon to one-shot enemies. Here’s some information about the SMRS Rocket launcher in Call of Duty Mobile. 

What is SMRS in Call of Duty Mobile?

The SMRS Rocket Launcher is a weapon within Call of Duty Mobile. It is a one-shot rocket launcher, so you only have one missile to shoot. It’s a free fire launcher that does not require locking on to targets. You can one-shot enemies that are within about three meters of you with the SMRS as well. However, if the enemy is wearing a Flak Jacket, they will need to be within one meter to down them in one shot.

Many players like to run this as a counter to UAV, Counters, Sentry Guns, and even as an offensive weapon. You can one-shot any of the killstreaks mentioned above with it, but it does require two shots to other streaks like Stealth Choppers and VTOLs.

The big downside to the SMRS in Call of Duty Mobile is that it only has one shot. When comparing it to the other rocket launcher with two shots and a lock-on, the SMRS has its advantages and disadvantages. First off, you cannot destroy a VTOL or Stealth Chopper with the SMRS in one go without reloading. The most significant benefit of this weapon is that you can kill enemies with it, which you cannot do with the other launcher. 

You may encounter many players running an SMRS in modes like Search & Destroy to force people out of cover and destroy campers. Using perks like Demolition Expert makes the SMRS even more deadly by adding an extra 25% damage. Flak Jacket is also a good perk to run to avoid killing yourself when firing at enemies in close range. 

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