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What is Rending in Darktide? Answered

Rending can help you a lot throughout the game.
Warhammer 40K Darktide What is Rending
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Warhammer 40K: Darktide is a co-op shooter that takes the experience from games such as Left 4 Dead to a whole new level. Its world, items, and mechanics have been developed first in a popular tabletop and then moved to the virtual world. Due to this, there have been many descriptions, names, and terms that the game used and to which usual FPS players weren’t used to.

In this article, we will explore what rending means in Darktide and how important it is for your gameplay.

Darktide Rending Explained

Rending can easily be translated as piercing damage that a particular weapon has. This trait will help you clear out armored enemies faster and will boost up your damage vs bosses. You wouldn’t necessarily need it early game, but as the game progresses rending will become a must-have for at least some of the members of your party.

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If your team encounters a heavily armored boss and nobody has any Rending on their weapons, it will be a long and tough fight, we can tell you that right now.

We avoided calling this weapon trait “Armor Penetration” because there is a separate stat with that name in the game. The thing that makes Rending different from Armor Penetration is that Rending is a type of bonus trait that you can add through Blessing on your weapon, while Armor Penetration is a stat that comes with rare weapons.

If you pair Rending with weapons such as the Boltgun that has Piercing Shots specialization, armored enemies will drop like flies.

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