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What Does the Inverse Teleporter Do in Lethal Company?

Putting random in teleport.
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Lethal Company is a game that focuses on salvaging scraps. You and your best buds are sent by the company on dangerous planets so you can gather resources. The planets you’re visiting are, more often than not, extremely dangerous, and you need every piece of equipment you can use to survive.

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How Does an Inverse Teleporter Work?

Several items in the game are necessary to survive the challenging environment the game puts you in. Items like Flashlights and Walkies are vital to players’ well-being, and you couldn’t do anything without them. Inverse Teleporter is not like that. It is certainly a useful item, but it doesn’t fit into the necessary category.

Players can enter the teleporter after paying 425 credits to be sent to an entirely random location outside the ship. Use this at your own risk; you have no control over where you’re going, and you never know if you’ll be able to survive after using it.

It should ideally be used at the start of your run because it has a lengthy 3-and-a-half-minute cooldown. Waiting this long after the in-game clock starts to move is never a good idea.

What If More of Us Use Teleporter At Once?

The players discovered something interesting regarding the Inverse Teleporter. If more than one of them gets inside the teleporter before it begins the process of teleportation, they will be sent inside the main facility rather than outside.

We don’t know if this happens every time or if it is even planned by the game developers. Nevertheless, it is worth trying because it will save a lot of precious time while exploring the facilities.

Inverse Teleporter is a great tool to randomize your location, for better or worse. For more related content, you can check out How to Use Emotes in Lethal Company.

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