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What Does Luck Do in Fire Emblem Engage? – Answered

Luck - it's a pretty big deal
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Fire Emblem Engage, like any solid and complex SRPG has a lot of terms to get your head round and unit building elements that takes time to make the most use out of. With countless amounts of mathematics appearing on the screen with each and every level up for all its playable characters, Classes to consider changing units into and all new gameplay mechanics that have appeared for the first time in this instalment such as the Break and Smash mechanics, there is always a lot happening on the screen at any given moment.

This is made all that more intimidating when going into the finer details of its particular mechanics, such as character/unit specific stats. Namely, what is the point of the Luck stat, and how important is it really?

What Does Luck Do in Fire Emblem Engage?

Quite simply, Luck – often abbreviated as Lck in-game – is one of the many stats every single character has. Like any stat, this can increase as you level up the unit, and further change upon designating a new Class to a character, or by giving them temporary or permanent Luck raising items.

It’s one of the most important stats to take note of despite how low down the list of said traits it is. This is due to what exactly it affects for each unit. The Luck stat is what determines the calculation of numerous moves its units can carry out during battle. These consist of the following:

  • Hit – the chance of the unit landing an attack.
  • Avoid – the likelihood of the unit dodging an attack.
  • Dodge – the likelihood of the unit getting critically hit.
  • Staff Avoid – the likelihood of the unit getting attacked by a staff.

It goes without saying that by increasing the Luck stat, it tends to be one of the biggest reasons that keeps your units safe from harm and escape impending danger or complete and absolute demise – that is if you are playing it on Permadeath mode. Always keep an eye on how Class changes influence this stat alongside the rest of them, and shape your army up into being the very best fighters that they can be.

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