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What Does Getting Rid of Night Thorns Do in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

What purpose does Night Thorns serve anyway?
Pond in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Screenshot by GJ / Gameloft

Who doesn’t love some good loot? Whether it’s things to eat, wear, or sell, loot is loot and everyone loves something free. That’s something that Gameloft realized and capitalized on with their latest released title, Disney Dreamlight Valley. A life-sim that’s generous with its loot, you almost can’t walk around without tripping over things to take for your own.

Its story revolves around the Dreamlight Valley being overgrown by a wicked nuisance of a plant called Night Thorns. And although these roots cause trouble for your friends around the Valley, they actually come in quite handy for you. Today, we’ll explain why you want to get rid of Night Thorns as often as you can in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

What Does Getting Rid of Night Thorns Do in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

When you initially spawn into Disney Dreamlight Valley for the first time, its world is pretty much completely overgrown by the dastardly Night Thorns, a plant that makes the inhabitants of Dreamlight Valley forgetful. It’s a tragic time indeed, for some. For you, it’s an easy way to get exactly what you need. You see, Night Thorns can be destroyed and they hold great wonders. Destroying them both makes your friends remember what they need to and also come as a great way for you to get all of what you need in order to be successful in the game.

When destroyed, Night Thorns will drop you all kinds of useful loot surprises. They aren’t difficult to get rid of, though you will want to watch your Energy meter as they will make your character tired, the more you remove them. Just walk up to them and hit the prompted button to remove them. It’s that simple. Night Thorns can drop all kinds of ingredients like vegetables and other useful resources as well as seeds which you can then plant and sell once harvested or make into a meal to either eat or sell.

Additionally, Night Thorns can drop a lot of Star Coins. Star Coins are the game’s most important currency, so the more you can get, the better. Some of these Night Thorns will shoot a spring of multiple coins that you’ll be able to collect, culminating in a chest appearing which awards you even more coins. Getting rid of Night Thorns can prove to be a pretty lucrative experience when all is said and done.

While your inventory will definitely fill up while removing them you won’t need to fret as items won’t disappear while on the ground, allowing you time to remove items from your inventory to make room. Night Thorns will also randomly respawn daily, so if you clear them, that won’t be the end of their gift-giving. Just wait for the next day and then take advantage of what’s spawned in.

That’s all there is to know about Night Thorns in Disney Dreamlight Valley and why you definitely want to get rid of them.

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