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What are the Best Sniper Rifles in Modern Warfare?

What are the Best Sniper Rifles in Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is finally out as of October 25th, 2019. While the single player campaign is exceeding expectations, most people are primarily excited about the multiplayer game modes.

As with every new Call of Duty, players are scrambling to figure out the absolute best guns in the game. In this articles we will be focusing on sniper rifles, the perfect gun for long range combat and gun of choice for those who like to stay away from the action.


The AX-50 is a bolt action sniper that is mainly used to quick scoping. It has more mobility than the other two sniper rifles on this list, and can prove to be a solid weapon choice once you master the handling.


The Dragunov is a semi-automatic sniper rifle capable of easily downing any enemy that steps into your sights. You can almost use this gun like you would an assault rifle, with the added bonus of having powerful sights for easy long range shots.


The HDR is an extremely powerful and long range sniper rifle, perfect for those serious snipers out there. You can be sure to find someone camping with this sniper in most games you play, picking people off one by one. This is easily the best sniper rifle in the game, so mastering this early on will prove to be useful in getting those kill streaks going.

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