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What Are Contender Cards in Destiny 2?

What Are Contender Cards in Destiny 2?

What are Contender Cards in Destiny 2? The 2021 Guardian Games have come with a bunch of new collectibles and quests. Honestly, it’s a little bit overwhelming. You need to tell the difference between medals, laurels, your medal case, Contender Cards, different types of medals, and more. 

One of the more important items from this list is your Contender Cards. These supply you with additional medals as you play. More importantly, though, they provide you with the ability to get platinum and gold medals regularly. 

Contender Cards Make Farming Medals Easy

There are multiple different Contender Cards for each of the various activities that allow you to earn medals in Destiny 2. You can get a strike card, gambit card, crucible card, trials card, and nightfall card. 

Each card awards a different medal for completion:

  • Strikes: Gold. 
  • Crucible: Gold. 
  • Gambit: Gold. 
  • Trials: Platinum. 
  • Nightfall: Platinum.

The objective you have to complete once you get your Contender Card is random, but it generally doesn’t take more than a run or two to finish it regardless of what game mode you’re playing. 

In particular, the nightfall Contender Card is going to be your go-to source of platinum medals. You can finish these cards in the normal nightfall rather than having to do GMs, so keep that in mind if you plan to try and pull more than your weight during the games. 

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