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Over half a million cheaters have been banned in Warzone to date

Raven Software has banned over half a million players from Warzone

Raven Software, the developer behind the world’s most popular free-to-play battle royale game, Call of Duty: Warzone, reveals that another 30,000 malicious accounts have been banned. The recent ban wave brings the total accounts banned in Warzone to over half a million. For reference, the entire player base consists of over 100 million users, as per a tweet from April of this year. That means 0.5% of the total Warzone player base has been banned for cheating.

According to a blog post from earlier this year, Activision has a zero-tolerance policy for cheaters. They have resources dedicated to weeding these cheaters out of their player base and stopping cheat providers at the source. Raven has taken extra precautions, such as adding two-factor authentication to invalidate many accounts, enhancing their internal anti-cheat software, and adding additional undisclosed security measures.

Cheat providers play a game of cat and mouse. They find and exploit the vulnerabilities in the system, and then the game provider patches them. The process repeats over and over again. There’s no doubt that there are probably hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of cheaters still out there, and we don’t know if it will ever stop.

However, as we delve deeper into the third season of Warzone, we can see Raven Software’s efforts are paying off by reaching the milestone of banning half a million cheaters. We will have to wait and see if their efforts pay off in the long run or if the cheating will only get worse. For now, at least we can see they are taking some action.

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