Warzone is Getting a Red Door Fast Travel System

Verdansk 84 is getting fast travel as per a new player survey that Raven Software ran, asking players what features they want to see. It would seem that the overwhelming majority of players prefer the idea of fast travel over other quality of life improvements, hence its planned implementation in a future update. 

The New Warzone Fast Travel System

We already had fast travel in the form of the subway back in Season 6. What we’re getting this season is not that. 

Instead, the new fast travel system in Warzone will be built around the “Red Doors” that play a significant part in the story of Cold War’s campaign. 

We don’t know much other than the fact that we’re getting it. The when and how of the feature has yet to be released, but when I know more, you’ll know more. 

For once, it seems that the entire Warzone community is, more or less, all on board with something new being added to the game. While some people would prefer fast travel to stay out of Verdansk, most players on Twitter are excited for its implementation, as is evident by the player survey that has led to its inclusion. 

We will keep you posted when we hear more.