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The Fastest Way to Level Up Guns in Warzone

The Fastest Way to Level Up Guns in Warzone

Let’s be honest with ourselves; Warzone sucks until you unlock some decent attachments on your guns. Until you hit level 10, 20, sometimes all the way up to 30, you’re going to get smoked by players that already have their loadouts and know how to use them. Fret not, though, because I’m going to show you the fastest way to level up your guns in Warzone so that you can catch up in no time.  

How to Level Up Guns Fast in Warzone

To level up guns fast in Warzone, you’ll want to focus on completing Contracts.

There’s only one answer, and it’s a simple one: Contracts. The various contracts dotted around Verdansk aren’t just there to earn you some pocket money. Completing them also awards a hefty chunk of XP for both you and your currently equipped weapon. 

That’s all well and good, but when you consider that you can drive and fly around the map while focusing on contracts instead of the game, you see where the real power in farming contracts lies. You don’t need to get many kills, meaning your disadvantage of not having your attachments yet is mitigated. 

Just zoom around the map, avoiding Bounty Contracts and staying out of as many gunfights as possible. It might not be fun, but you’ll have all your attachments unlocked before you know it. 

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