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Best Controller Settings for Warzone

Best Controller Settings for Warzone

Let’s get one thing straight – if you don’t have a Scuf controller, then the best controller settings will make up for that fact. The whole point of a good controller setup keeps your thumbs on the sticks, so that’s what I’m going to be focusing on for the best controller settings for Warzone. 

What are the Best Controller Settings in Warzone?

If you have a scuf controller, you should play using the Tactical button layout or the default. You already have quick access to jumping, crouching, and knifing. If you don’t, though, then you need to do one of two things: Play claw or Bind Jump to R3.

Remapping buttons isn’t something that you do in-game. Instead, it’s done through your console’s settings. By changing your jump button to the right thumbstick, you get to jumpshot without losing the ability to aim. As claw players know, that’s invaluable for close-range gunfights. 

We’re in a jumpshotting era. Dropshotting is secondary, so if you need to choose between the two, pick the former. 

Aside from making sure you don’t have to move off your sticks; you also need to find the sweet spot for your sensitivity. I run 7-7, but that’s a personal preference. If you’re an AR player, you might want to bring that down or run it up for your run-and-gun types. 

Finding your sensitivity, along with remapping your buttons, will dramatically improve your gameplay. Sure, there are more technical nitty-gritty settings that you can adjust, but none of them mean a thing if you haven’t got these fundamentals down. 

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