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What are the best Color Settings in Warzone?

What are the best Color Settings in Warzone?
Image: Activision

While the dark grittiness of Warzone might be one of the game’s selling points, knowing what the best color settings in Warzone are can give you an advantage over enemy players. 

I’ve been playing Call of Duty competitively since Black Ops 2, so I know a thing or two about what settings you should be using. 

What color settings are best in Warzone?

Making your colors pop is the name of the game here. To do that, we’re going to be utilizing some unusual strategies. First, head over to options, general, and navigate down to accessibility. 

Here, you should find your colorblind settings. We’re going to be changing it to the last option: “Tritanopia.” While you might not be colorblind, adjusting this setting will alter the colors and contrast of your game, making everything brighter. 

Once you’ve done that, head down to colorblind target and switch it to both. This setting ensures that both your HUD and gameplay are affected by the new color palette. 

That’s all there is to it. You can play around with your brightness a little bit, but those two changes are going to make your game pop a lot more. 

PC players have even more customization options. For any console players out there, this isn’t for you. Unfortunately, you’re more or less limited to your brightness and colorblind settings. If you’re on Playstation or Xbox and want to adjust your color settings in Warzone, focus on your monitor settings instead. 

For you PC players, you can adjust your capture card settings for videos, your GPU graphics settings, and more to squeeze every ounce of color out of your Warzone experience. 

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