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Warzone implements 2FA to thwart cheaters on PC

The free-to-play Call of Duty Warzone has now implemented a new requirement for PC players in an attempt to cut down on cheaters. Battle Royale games have been plagued with aimbotters and wallhackers for the past month, and things have only been getting worse.

Earlier this month, we saw Infinity Ward take action to place known cheaters in the same lobbies. The idea was that cheaters would lose the incentive to play the game if they could only go up against other cheaters. This may have helped a bit, but there are still tons of cheaters out there.

Now, Warzone requires all players to enable SMS verification on their clients. Anyone without Call of Duty Modern Warfare must have a working mobile phone number tied to their account. This gives Infinity Ward another piece of information to identify and blacklist cheaters.

There’s no doubt that this will not solve the cheater situation 100%, but it should still help. For most players, it’s only a minor inconvenience, but it also helps strengthen the security of user accounts. In this day and age, people should be using 2-factor authentication on everything anyway.

We will have to wait and see if this has any noticeable impact on the number of cheaters playing Warzone.

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