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Wacky Wizards UFO Update

The Wacky Wizards UFO update is live this Wacky Wednesday, bringing a new ingredient and a brand new quest to complete!
Wacky Wizards UFO Update

It’s Wacky Wednesday, which means time for another Wacky Wizards update. This week, we have the Wacky Wizards UFO update. We have a brand new ingredient and lots of new potions to create! Read on below to find out everything you need to know about the Wacky Wizards UFO update.

The Wacky Wizards UFO update released on September 15, 2021, at 4 PM EST. It includes one new ingredient and a new quest from Dumpster Diver Dan near the lake.

Wacky Wizards UFO Update

Upon logging in, you’ll see a message to visit a crazy old man. You can go visit the crazy old man near the lake to learn about aliens. You can find Dumpster Diver Dan near the lake, so go and speak with him to get the quest. He will give you a Cow Hat, which you can throw inside your Cauldron to get a Cow Disguise potion.

Drink the potion to turn into a cow, and a Wacky Wizards UFO will come and abduct you! Make sure to stand in the light to get abducted and brought into the UFO. You’ll need to complete a series of Obby, avoiding laser beams in each of the three rooms.

After successfully making it through the Obby, you will get to the UFO control room. Make sure to hit the Self Destruct button, and you will spawn back at your cauldron with the Alien Parasite!

You can visit our Wacky Wizards potions list to get all the new recipes, and things you can make with the new ingredients.

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