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Wacky Wizards Pirate Update

Wacky Wizards Pirate Update

The Wacky Wizards Pirate Update is officially live on this fine Whacky Wednesday. Players will have to do their best to find a hidden treasure and unlock the new ingredient. We’ll look at how to do this, what the new ingredient is, and check out the recipes down below.

Make sure to check out our Wacky Wizards potion list for a complete rundown of every known recipe in the game and how to make them. You can also find some of the new recipes down below.

Wacky Wizards Pirate Update

Upon logging into the game, you’ll notice the update notice about the Wacky Wizards Pirate Update. If you make your way over to the waterfall, you will find a sunken ship underneath the waters. Make your way into the ship and pick up the shovel on the ground inside the sunken ship.

You should have seen a sign that says “‘X’ marks the spot near Oz’s house.” Take you and your shovel over to Oz’s house, and you’ll find an X on the ground. Click on the X to dig and reveal another clue. The next clue reads: 

“Arrrr Matey! Check behind the Goblin’s Tents.”

Make your way to the Goblin Village, and you’ll find the next X in the far corner of the area. Dig there to reveal the next clue, which is: “Ahoy! Check behind the barn.”

Head on up to the new barn location, and you should find the X on the ground behind it. The next clue reads, “Yarrrr! Next to the Pyramid.”

Make your way to the Pyramid for the next X, and do some digging to reveal the next clue. The next clue tells us where the treasure is hidden, and the clue reads: “The treasure be buried near something prickely and green!”

Obviously, this clue refers to the Cacti in the desert. Drop down to the desert location, and you’ll see an X next to one of them. Do some digging there to reveal the hidden treasure, which is inside Davy Jones’s Locker! The new ingredient is a Pirate Hat!

Wacky Wizards Pirate Update Potion List

Here are the new recipes:

  1. davy-jones potion: pirate hat
  2. parrot-friend potion: pirate hat + bird
  3. captain-morph potion: pirate hat + fish
  4. doubloon-morph potion: pirate hat + you
  5. eye-patch potion: pirate hat + carrot
  6. pierre-pan potion: pirate hat + fairy
  7. pirate-bee potion: pirate hat + honey
  8. captain-hat potion: pirate hat + brain
  9. peg-leg potion: pirate hat + giraffe hoof
  10. pirate-pistol potion: pirate hat + gun
  11. squid-friend potion: pirate hat + frog
  12. pirate-sword potion: pirate hat + pool noodle
  13. pirate-skeleton potion: pirate hat + undead
  14. treasure-bomb potion: pirate hat + dynamite
  15. treasure-poop potion: pirate hat + rotten sandwich
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