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Wacky Wizards Old Update

Wacky Wizards Old Update

It’s Wacky Wednesday, and time for another Wacky Wizards update. The popular Roblox potion concocting game is at it again with the Wacky Wizards Old Update. This time around, there are two new ingredients: a Walking Cane and an Anime Sword. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the Wacky Wizards Old Update.

Wacky Wizards Old Update

The Wacky Wizards update this week is the Old Update, featuring the Walking Cane and Anime Sword ingredient. The sword is a premium ingredient, so you’ll need to drop 2,300 Gems if you want to get your hands on it. To get the Walking Cane, you’ll need to complete a hidden quest available in the new update. It involves helping Oz find a missing item. He’s getting old, you know, so we’ve got to help him out!

How to get the Walking Cane

  • Bring a hot potion to the bushes next to Oz’s house.
  • Burn the bushes with the hot potion.
  • Make a dynamite potion and blow open the door in the tunnel underneath the burned bushes.
  • Make an Oz potion and enter the portal.
  • Retrieve Oz’s wallet and give it to Oz.

To get the Walking Cane ingredient in Wacky Wizards, you can start by making a Hot Potion. You can make one by throwing a Chilli into your cauldron and making the potion. Bring the fire potion over to Oz’s cave and head to the right of the house. You’ll find a few bushes, and you can use the Hot potion to burn the bushes. The burned bushes will reveal a hidden passage.

Next, teleport back to your cauldron and make an explosive potion by using some dynamite. Bring it back to the area you were just at, and head down the ladder. You’ll find a sealed door, and you can use the dynamite to blow it open.

With the door blown wide open, you will now need to make the Oz potion. You can do this by combining Jandel and Foryxe‘s heads in your cauldron. Make the Oz potion and bring it to the place where you just blew open the door with the dynamite. Drink the potion and walk inside the portal.

You will find Oz’s wallet sitting on the table. If you have trouble picking it up, try zooming-in a bit and focusing on the table. When you pick it up, bring it back to Oz’s house and hand it to him. You’ll get the new Walking Cane ingredient in return for completing the quest. Bring it back to your cauldron and have fun finding new potions.

Wacky Wizards Old Update potions

Free potions

  • Old potion – Walking Cane
  • Builders-club-hat potion – Walking Cane, Brain
  • Flamingo-gf potion – Walking Cane, Bird
  • Builderman potion – Walking Cane, You
  • Domino-crown potion – Walking Cane, Frog
  • Old-vision potion – Walking Cane, Ghost
  • Dog-vision potion – Walking Cane, Pet Tags
  • Ninja-mask-of-awesome potion – Walking Cane, Eggcano
  • Guest potion – Walking Cane, Pool Noodle
  • Studded-brick potion – Walking Cane, Giraffe Hoof
  • Old-movie-vision potion – Walking Cane, Pet Tags, Walking Cane, Ghost
  • Clash-sword potion – Walking Cane, Corn
  • Winged-bean potion – Walking Cane, Beans
  • Throw-tix potion – Walking Cane, Robux
  • Old-glinda potion – Walking Cane, Witches Bew
  • Old-oz potion – Oz’s Wallet

Premium potions

  • Anime-run potion – Anime Sword
  • Last-skyfolder potion – Anime Sword, Bird
  • Lightning potion – Anime Sword, Frozen Egg
  • Dragonblox-z potion – Anime Sword, Brain
  • Ninja potion – Anime Sword, Spider
  • Energy-ball potion – Anime Sword, Ghost
  • Believe-it potion – Anime Sword, Eggcano
  • Cursed-gloves potion – Anime Sword, Boxing Gloves
  • Flame-sword potion – Walking Cane, Corn, Anime Sword
  • Lightning-blast potion – Anime Sword, Dynamite
  • Flame-sword potion – Walking Cane, Corn, Anime Sword
  • Blue-flame-sword potion – Walking Cane, Corn, Anime Sword, Fish
  • Froggirl potion – Anime Sword, Frog
  • Fire-bow potion – Anime Sword, Gun
  • Ground-pound potion – Anime Sword, Giraffe Hoof
  • Akimbo-katanas potion – Anime Sword, Corn
  • Titan potion – Anime Sword, Giant’s Ear
  • Classic-tree potion – Walking Cane, Magic Seed

You can get a full list of Wacky Wizards potions in our other post.

Next week, we have the Thanksgiving Update, featuring a new Turkey ingredient! Stay tuned next week for another update and walkthrough.

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