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How to get Crystal in Valheim

How to get Crystal in Valheim

Valheim’s Hearth and Home update introduced a few new materials to the Viking survival game we’ve all come to know and love. Crystal, the particular item we’re looking at, has actually been in the game for a hot minute, but it wasn’t until this update that you could use it to craft items.

Among the many other pieces of content that dropped in this update, like the Cartography table, Crystal is one of the coolest-looking. If you’ve been around the block in Valheim, you probably already know where to get the stuff, but there are lots of new and returning players that have not fully explored the biomes. We’ll show you how to get Crystal in Valheim and what to do with it once you have some.

How to get Crystal in Valheim

Crystal shards drop from Stone Golem monsters in the snowy mountain biome. These constructs remain hidden on the snowy cliffs and mountains until you approach them. At which point, you’ll feel some vibrations and screen shaking that will let you know it has awoken. From a distance, Stone Golems look like nothing more than rubble.

Stone Golems are nothing to mess around with lightheartedly, so you’ll want to make sure to come equipped. Consider rocking some wolf armor or better quality gear to withstand its onslaught. Most importantly, you’ll need some heavy damage-dealing items. Stone Golems are made of, well, stones, so they have some high defensive attributes.

Your best bet to eliminating a Stone Golem is by using a strong bow like the Draugr Fang or Huntsman bow. Keep it at range and wail away on it with some Needle arrows for that Pierce damage. Ignoring its armor with piercing arrows will be useful in taking it down quickly.

What can you make with Crystal shards in Valheim

When you find some Crystal shards in Valheim, you will immediately unlock two new recipes: 

  • Crystal Wall – Crystal x2, Workbench
  • Crystal Battleaxe – Crystal x10, Ancient Bark x40, Silver x30, Forge (Lvl. 3)
Valheim Crystal battleaxe

Crystal Battleaxe

It’s see-through and tears through. The Crystal Battleaxe is a good AoE damage weapon, capable of tearing through herds of mobs like wolves. The problem with it is that it requires a lot of stamina to swing and slows you down by 20%. Despite its downfall, it looks awesome, and it’s not a bad weapon to keep on your person.

  • Weight: 2.5
  • Durability: 200
  • Repair station level: 3
  • Slash: 90
  • Spirit: 30
  • Use stamina: 24
  • Block armor: 40
  • Block force: 70
  • Parry bonus: 2x
  • Knockback 70
  • Backstab: 3x
  • Movement speed: -20%

Crystall Wall

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