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How to Make and Use A Cartography Table in Valheim

Cartography Table Valheim

The Valheim Hearth and Home update has added tons of new content to the game. One significant addition has been the Cartography table. A completely new craftable item that allows players to share their game maps. However, it’s not immediately obvious exactly how the cartography table works. Let’s look at how to make and use a cartography table in Valheim.

How to Make a Cartography Table in Valheim

The cartography table assembly is simple. You will find the blueprint under the Misc tab in your crafting window. To craft a cartography table, you will need the following items.

Craft Cartography Table Items
  • Fine wood x10
  • Bone fragments x10
  • Bronze x2
  • Leather scraps x5
  • Raspberries x4

Of course, the table will need to be built within the vicinity of a workbench. All of the items necessary to craft the cartography table can be found in the early game, making it one of the more accessible items to make. 

How to Use a Cartography Table in Valheim

The cartography table is designed to allow players to share their world maps with one another. For example, if one of your buddies went on a solo adventure and explored a few islands, he can then return and use the cartography table to share his new map with you. 

To use the cartography table, you must first record your discoveries with it. Walk to the bin on the side of the table, and you should see an interaction to “Record discoveries.” By doing so, you will be uploading your current map details to the cartography table. Another player can then go to the map portion of the table and interact with it to “Read map.” This action will download the new discoveries and update the player’s map. 

Cartography Table Record Discoveries

When you hit M to bring up your map, you should see all the locations the previous player had discovered. The other players’ waypoints will also show on your map in a darker grey color. If you decide you want to see your old map again with only the areas you’ve explored—click “Cartography Table” in the bottom right corner of your map to toggle it off.

Cartography Table Map

The cartography table is a cool new addition to Valheim in the Hearth and Home update and a clever way of allowing players to share their game maps. Be sure to port back to your base and share your discoveries with the cartography table after all your new adventures.

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