TSM Destroys Cloud9 at LCS 2020 Week 7 Spring Split

Cloud9 was outplayed by TSM at the League of Legends LCS 2020 Spring Week 7 Spring Split. TSM showed some dominance in this match, putting an end to their inconsistent performance throughout the series.

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There was a battle for control early on in the match, but TSM managed to take the lead with some aggressive plays. Around the 15 minute mark, TSM took advantage of an opportunity near the dragon and “crushed them into the dirt.”

That was the fight TSM needed to break the fight open, and they seized it and continued on to win the match.

Team SoloMid vs. Cloud9 LCS 2020 Spring Week 7 Stats

Here’s some stats from the game:

Broken Blade sett4-2-11TOP0-5-1shen Licorice
Dardoch jarvan iv2-3-17JNG1-4-4lee sin Blaber
Bjergsen zilean7-0-11MID2-4-5zoe Nisqy
Kobbe xayah6-1-11BOT5-3-2miss fortune Zven
Biofrost rakan1-2-17SUP0-4-6leona Vulcan

Team SoloMid closed it out over Cloud9 in approximately 27 minutes.

LCS 2020 Week 7 Spring Standings

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